About Al ryada :
AL-Ryada for marble and granite is one of the leading companies in Egypt for producing, manufacturing, and exporting the rarest and most exquisite kinds of Egyptian marble and granite known in history.

AL-Ryada has been accredited by the domestic and international markets for its ethical values; giving the Egyptian marble trade its respectable reputation throughout the globe today. Our motivation and years of experience in quarrying, processing, fabricating, and exporting marble and granite gives us and our clients the confidence in becoming the best in what we do. Al-Ryada has taken the traditional production of blocks, slabs, and cut-to-size into a new and vibrant environment; where customer care, superior selection of materials, and ever increasing attention to the quality of our products is our company’s aim. The flexibility of our structure allows Al-Ryada to produce a whole variety of marbles and stones ranging from those traditionally produced in our local quarries to the more exotic and rare materials requested in today’s market; with the objective of supplying our valued clients with the best possible service. Al-Ryada’s success is based upon a series of fundamental guidelines that have become an integral part of our policy: development, high production capacity, sophisticated technology, tight quality standards, proven professional skills, marketing talents, and trading experience. By following these guidelines we have created an industrial organization who’s strength is founded not only on the ability to offer a complete service, but also a capability to satisfy any type of request by keeping an eye towards the future.